Calls to 911 through our VoIP Service

Technology is changing, and in telephony, a great reduction in cost can be seen with this voip telephone service.  Changes also means adopting to new things and ways of doing things. 

Emergency call through this VoIP service is the same 911 number dialling.  However, due to mobility usage of VoIP technology and possibility of softphone and mobility of line usage, it is difficult for 911 dispatcher to trace your location of the call.  It is therefore VERY IMPORTANT that your location is updated in your profile for emergency purposes.  

When an emergency (911) call is placed on our network, the address stored on our system for the line the call is placed from will be passed along to your local PSAP.  If for reasons, this differs, you should inform the dispatcher with the exact location of the emergency where the help is required.

The use of E911 is not a requirement, but an option for you to enable.  If you do not enable this feature, you will not be able to dial 911 from you VoIP phone.

To enable this feature a one-time fee setup fee of $2 on activation is required and a regulatory fee of $2.50 per number per month.  This charge is a pass through charge and we do not take a profit of this.  This is the cost to us to enable for each line.

Send an email to to enable feature using the line number as subject.