Phone Service Information

Phone Services with Lower Rates

MICCA Solutions core service is IT Network Hardware Equipment Sales and Support. Our pre-configured phone service is to help customers reduce monthly phone cost. Our pre-configured service works without compromising of functionality, ease of use and quality of standard analog home line,

How it works

This phone service uses your broadband internet connection and needs to be connected to the Ethernet port just like you would most other physical connected device to the internet. All phones and adapters sold in the VoIP Phone Service section of our store can be purchased pre-configured for plug and play calling or purchased in its manufactured configured state for whatever usage fit; After purchasing our pre-configured device, you own the device.  Connect device to internet to start making and receiving calls.  The telephone number given is based on your delivery location suggested upon ordering the unit.  Numbers can be requested from other countries or specific digits in numbers, but this is highly based on availability and we might suggest near matching numbers best fit.  Your current telephone number can be used/ported, but will take 2 weeks average to be transferred,  Transfer of phone number cost $12

A simple portal website access is given to check balances, track calls and see call rates for your convenience. 

The Service

We are not a telecom termination provider and this service is using a telecom provider which we have tested and have been using for several business customers.  IT WORKS.  But, just in case the current selected provider falls apart, we will contact you and arrange changes (preferred via some remote means) with minimal loss of usage to you.  You are not bounded by any terms or contract and you can stop using the service at any time.  If you have prepaid, we will refund any balance on your account without any cancellation fees or penalty.  As an equipment reseller, we will help you reconfigure for any service you wish at no charge (providing device works on yor chosen service).    

We currently have 3 plans, the default features on these plans can be enhanced if requested, and may or may not cost additional.  If there is a cost, the cost will be relayed directly as charged to us.  We will not markup this cost.

We reserve the right to change the VoIP provider we use in order to ensure better service or to minimize interference with service as we see fit. If this rare instance should occur, we will do our very best to lessen the rate per minute or keep current rates.  An email will be sent to inform users and update of any rate or configuration change for your review. The added value of our service is a guaranteed response solution to any problem you may have.  We guarantee a 2 hour maximum response if for some reason our LIVE chat is unavailable.

For the pay-as-you-go, a low monthly charge of CA$2.50 for the number subscription is charged.  Features such as 911 calling are charged separately monthly @ CAS$2.50 and not preconfigured for devices. 911 Emergency calls can be enabled by sending 'request to enable' to

Our Business

We are registered and licensed under the Basic International telecommunications Services (BITS) and can be verified online through CRTC website as being a license provider. These pre-configured devices are targeted for home and small business use with fair usage*.  There is no monthly commitment or lease fee charges by MICCA Solutions for this service.  All fees for 911 and Telephone number usage fee is a charge to us by the provider which is relayed to the end user.  So how we make this our business? It's actually not our core and more a service.  We've been configuring companies and realize in this age, people can benefit from lower cost calling technology.  We encourage users to browse our other products in support.


We encourage the use of e911 (Enhanced 911) which is 100% compliant with FCC and CRTC and cover 100% of USA/Canada. You are not required to enable this feature. However, you will not be able to dial 911 from your VoIP phone unless you have requested activation for this service.


Note that if your DID from is not subscribed to the E911 service, attempting to make a call to 911 will result in a busy signal, since your callerID (which should be a valid DID or number) won't be in our selected telecom providers Database. This will result by not reaching the desired destination. Also make sure to read the Terms and Condition at the end of the page.

 The normal basic 911 system works by pinpointing a caller's location by the land line phone number. The call is automatically routed to the closest Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) and the dispatcher at that point contacts the closest emergency services personnel to deal with the call. However, with wireless and VoIP phones, the original 911 system is unable to pinpoint a caller's location and if the caller was unable to identify or describe a location, emergency personnel were hampered in providing assistance.

Canadian 911 service calls to the National 911 call center are answered by a dispatcher who will access the 911 service provider´s database to pull the location as well as verbally ask the caller for their location before transferring the call to the caller´s PSAP verbally giving the PSAP the location and then connecting the caller. This is the way all VOIP 911 Calls are treated in Canada

To test that your CallerID is working properly:

  • Dial 1-555-555-0911 from our configured service.
  • The system will playback your CallerID, then make a short pause, and play the test result.

To make sure your device/switch is correctly configured for e911, you must ensure that your CallerID number matches exactly the DID number that is activated for 911. That is the only way to identify you correctly. Otherwise your 911 call will not go through. Correctly formatted CallerID consist of a 10 digits number, identical to your DID. For example, if your DID is 555.555.1234, your CallerID number should be 5555551234.

Number availability

You can request a telephone number (DIDs) in 49 States of the USA, 4 Provinces of Canada and more than 30 international Countries.   International calls are disabled by default and you must request this feature enabled by email to  There is no charge to enable this feature.

Terms of Usage

This is a Pay per use service where you top-up and monitor your usage.  Quality is dependent mostly on your internet line quality. In some rare cases, the ATA or phone might cause this issue, which is rare.  The hardware purchase is under one year product warranty from our store based on our store return policies. We will express a new device immediately and ask that you return the defective device immediately.  This is to minimize your disruption of service.  If you do not return the device within timeframe given, we will invoice you for a new device - this is as per our agreement and only fair.  If upon receipt of device, the manufacturer believes it damaged by you the user and not an equipment warranty fault, we have no choice but to invoice you the charge for a replacement device.

All Policies within this store is applied.

Account Usage

Account usage, rates and status can be seen at  Login information is given with phone.  Payment should be interact, direct bank deposit only (email proof for bank deposit).

RATES (USD)                             

.  Please see complete listing at


International calls are disabled by default and an email must be sent to activate at the rates prescribed on your portal web store rates link.  Although call rates are lower than most calling option worldwide, we advise you to monitor usage for international calls.

Terms & Conditions

All customers who are using our provider’s services as their primary residential or business telephone carrier must activate 911 Emergency Services on at least one of their DIDs.

Enhanced 911, the portion of our 911 service which delivers physical address information to your local PSAP is not guaranteed. It is possible that your physical address information may not be passed to the PSAP dispatcher. On occasions such as this you will be required to give the dispatcher the location of your emergency in order to receive emergency service assistance.

Due to the nature and instability of VoIP networks, we cannot and do not guarantee your emergency call will go through. Loss of power, Internet access and or several other conditions may cause 911 to be inoperable. We have no control over those types of situations therefore are not held liable. MICCA Solutions chooses telecom termination provider based on proven reliability, quality of service, and their promise to do everything within their power to prevent service outages within its network.

In order for e911 address information to be passed to your local PSAP dispatcher, you must ensure your outbound caller ID value is set to the specific DID you are purchasing e911 service for. Therefore, by agreeing to these Terms & Conditions you the customer agree to ensure the outbound Caller ID number is set to the DID you have enabled e911 services for when making an outbound 911 emergency call.  At any time, you may test your outbound caller ID value by dialing '1-555-555-0911' through our providers network.

By using our providers Enhanced 911 service, the customer agrees that MICCA Solutions, its telecom provider, its contractors, executives, members, customers, agents, employees, carriers, 911 providers, and any anyone else associated with MICCA Solutions is not held liable for emergency calls failing, even if it is determined that it is the fault of MICCA Solutions, its telecom provider or its associates. Customer further agrees that they will notify their customers, contractors, agents, employees, associates, shareholders, partners, and anyone who may use the 911 service of the limitations and make customers agree to not hold MICCA Solutions or customer liable.

Customer will be charged a setup fee of CA$2.00 and a monthly fee of CA$2.50 for each DID submitted to the e911 database. This fee is not refundable. Plans purchased initially with E911 is not charged a setup fee and only charged the monthly fee which is embedded in the plans cost per month.

We reserve the right to make changes to our site, services, fees, policies and these Terms & Conditions at any time. By ordering and using our configured services, you affirmatively agree to the previously stated Terms & Conditions of our 911/e911 service.

You must also agree to abide by any policies listed on this store or any affiliated policies set by manufacturer’s usage.