History of our shaping

I wouldn’t think back then I would be here now.  I.T. has been my life for over 20 years.  Started by strange coincidence whilst studying Computer Science, a casual talk with someone I though then to be just a technician, ended getting invited to join a team of 5 engineers. 

As the 5th and youngest engineer in training, I had a lot of catching up to do. I started reading technical books on every job related topic I could get my hands on – 'free of course'.

I remember the guys laughing….and soon started calling me “mad-em’  term from modem which was new to the market at the time.

My career started off repairing power supplies, monitors, printers, installing network cables, Novell and Unix Server troubleshooting, cleaning systems, the works.  On the software side, whilst still completing my advanced computer training in “Computer Studies and Electronics” I begged to sit in classes with promises of pay later, or without accreditations because I couldnt afford to pay for any extra schooling.  I got certified in ACCPAC and Novell Administration, and could only afford to buy a Windows 3.1 book which I soon after mastered.

“The configs, the ini files, the dll’s,… awe so memorable.”

All this, on the job plus every evening reading to be the best, later paid itself by advancing past the seniors in knowledgebase. After my fifth year (year1998), and supposedly making the most income contribution to the company, I decided to leave as I became stagnant with no further academic growth.

The week after I left my first job, two mid-sized companies, reached out to me and asked that I take a contract to maintain their system.  To date, I’m still friends with both persons.

I’ve never lost a customer –unless they didn’t pay me.

Within the first year, I rented my office, the same place where I was previously employed, due to their closure of migration.  Bought their ladders etc.  and continued my journey.  I started working with Banks, lots of government entities, finance companies, I controlled service contracts for 50% of the University of the West Indies, had full contract for Jamaica Public Service for network maintenance Island-wide, and won two bids for government contracts. Never thought how good it was, I just loved IT.

A few years [assed and tax got the better of me, I closed out Interconnect Systems and in a few years after working freelance, started MICCA Solutions. 

Not done yet.......will continue