Virtual Meetings

Built In Security

3-Digit Checksum Reduces Random Guessing of meeting IDs | AES-CTR Security | STRP Modes | Meeting Password | Protection

HD Video Conference

Full HD Video Conference up to 1080p | Powerful 9x Optical Zoom for larger rooms | PTZ Camera with Wide Angle lens | Multi-HDMI for Joining Rooms Display

Ultimate Presentor Tools

Document sharing to Attendees | Attendees sharing capability | Camera Focus on speaker with PTZ | Picture in Picture mode plus more


Bluetooth Speakers, Microphone, Keyboards for larger rooms | GB Connections for Faster video connections | Multi TV Connections

Process for Hosting Meeting

You can have only virtual meeting or a combination of virtual and in-person meetings.

Identify Your Needs

If in-person is not possible or not needed, select Virtual only meeting and an email will request details along with instructions for meetings. If dry run meeting is needed. Please indicate 'Dry Run Need' in response.

Hybrid Meeting

Hybrid is only done in the GTA with one site visit. Setup needs and requirements will be discussed on visit and costing emailed same day of visit. Power and Internet is a prerequisite but we can make provision if needed.

Virtual Members Club

Members get unlimited virtual meeting for the entire year with recordings. This Plan differs from Business Members Plan. All features are available for all meetings can meetings can be up-to 6 hours.

Recordings and Statistics

By default, recording is disabled but can be enabled if requested. These recording sessions are shared directly with the contact persons only. Statistics and reports of attendance is sent after each meeting.

Electronic Voting and Surveys

Various means of Interaction can be done in the form of 'Generic' Polls, Surveys, Elections and Questionnaires. Contact for needs

Unlimited Polls

Polls request must be sent before meetings for display and wording verification for effectiveness and fulfillment of need.

High Level Security

Polls can be Closed or Open to public. Meetings are not accessible on the internet and authentication is an option

Multiple Options

Single or multiple voting per poll is possible. Single submit practiced and results cannot be changed by administrators

Backups Available

Results are stored for 8 months and then discarded. Meetings recordings are sent to clients and discarded after 2 week.

Have a Virtual Meeting Today

Put contact details and any info needed. We'll contact you for further details and instructions

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