Enterprise WiFI

Rock Solid Access Points

Our core to date is Ubiquiti Unifi AP, but we've found the Grandstream GWN series surprisingly impressive

  • Complete home and business unified solutions
  • Seamless Gigabyte access roaming between AP's
  • Uninterrupted Secured GB WiFi on Campus LAN
  • Hotels Unified total management, speed and control
  • WiFi installed by Network Security Professionals
  • Solution for High Density Crowds with central management

Our Core Brands Speciality

Grandstream is now our core Recommend solution, but still design and install for Unifi AP's. We stock all models.


GrandstreamWe did a unified network complete with IP PBX, Video Conference room, Door Access (different vendor HID), Access Points for 500 users, Surveillance and the install worked flawlessly.


Ubiquiti Unifi AP'sAmazing total network solution that works 100%. This is a best alternative for Cisco AP's that by far gives better control and stability. We provide extended warranty for all our installs.

How we help

Our Specialty is Networking, and who better to integrate than a company that knows Cabling, Network Security and the need for High Definition Result.


Not many company can integrate into a DataCentre without compromising equipment and security

Design and Install

With provided schematics, we can give you complete layout plan, coverage areas and total speed and control.


We can offer you complete hybrid network, with Door Access, Camera, Motion and network analytics from one dashboard


We are confident in your install, and offer by default extended manufacture warranty with optional monitoring