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Electronic repairs with focus on computer and related devices, monitors, printers, laptops, phones and tablets


Mobotix and Milesight Camera Installation. Smart Home Automation for remote monitoring and alerts


For home and business internet accessing, preferred pfSense Firewalls and Citrix Web App Firewall

Access Control

For buildings and gate controls with emphasis on remote access for home  and offices


Fiber Optic and Ethernet cabling.  Siemon Certified  Installer with over 20 years design and install experience

Corporate Networks

Service for Citrix, Windows, Linux networks. Registered telecom provider for home phones and business PBX

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Cloud Steps

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This is a conclusion article from “Cloud Consideration”. So, you decided to reach for the Cloud! Well, it’s a good move, but be sure to have in mind all the answers to the question from previous article.  If you do, you are good to go.  Let’s just revise your current status. Cloud brings a lot

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5 Essential Benefits of Hybrid Cloud Backup for SMBs – part 3 of 3

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continued from part 2 This level of security provides a great value proposition to end-users when framed in the context of insurance. Businesses insure every aspect of their infrastructure (buildings, equipment, employees) yet most of them don’t insure the most important pieces of their entire business; their data. By having redundant copies of data located

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5 Essential Benefits of Hybrid Cloud Backup for SMBs – part 2 of 3

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continued from part 1 1. Business Continuity A desired benefit of most hybrid cloud backup solutions is the ability to achieve business continuity. Business continuity is a proactive way of looking at disaster preparedness. By having the proper tools and procedures in place, businesses can be assured that they will remain functional during a disaster

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Cloud Computing Considerations

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Cloud computing is defined as any computing usage or connectivity of services via a wide area network(WAN). In theory, once you are connected remotely and utilizing a service through a medium, namely the internet, it is considered cloud computing. It is a good gateway for making profit by delivering a service that is said to

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5 Essential Benefits of Hybrid Cloud Backup for SMBs – part 1 of 3

Resource within this article are gathered from Datto – Our Partner in Business Continuity Solutions The Value of Business Continuity A hybrid cloud solution combines private (internal/on-premise) and public (external) cloud deployment models. With a typical private cloud solution, one would build, develop and manage their own cloud infrastructure. The most common deployments of private

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