Cabling Services

Cabling with Standards

As Professions, we keep informed of industry standards to ensure your premises are wired secured and efficiently. Our maintenance program offers Data Centre reporting analytics and cleaning schedules

Experienced Professionals

To Guide you into the future

  • Concept to Realization because -- Electricians Don't know
  • Future Proof with POF for New Developments
  • Gigabyte Network Installs and Design
  • Re-workings for existing messy cabling network
  • Move, relocate or add existing phone lines
  • WAN Building Connection (Indoor/outdoor/aerial)


Smart home and building is the future. Io T depends on Smart Cabling and Smart Integrated Switching. Cable is only a 'media part' of the process. Be smart, and hire a Smart Tech to guide you to the future you.

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Ethernet & Fiber Optic

  • UTP/STP Cat 8.2, 7A, 6A, 6 & 5e
  • OLT, PON, Fiber Cables & Enclosures
  • Zone Cabling Solutions
  • Auto-Infrastructure Management
Intelligent Building

  • Structured Cabling Installs LAN/WAN
  • Voice, Video, AV, Lighting and HVAC
  • Unified Infrastructure Planning
  • IoT Infrastructure Installs
Re-Wire & Maintenance

  • Fix or Correct messy/mis-cabling
  • Clean/Repair Fiber connections
  • Re--route or re-organized Racks
  • Consult on Future Projects
Thermal & Environment

  • Thermal Management Solution
  • Aisle Containment Solutions
  • Vertical Exhaust Duct Solution
  • Cabinets & Thermal Accessories


With Gigabyte speeds infrastructure for home and office. New development should consider expert advise that Cad and Electrical Installers cannot give because this is not their area of specialty. Get Expert advise and save on going smart. The Future is IoT and Low-Voltage connectivity. Be Smart...Go Smart!!


Fiber OpticFiber Optic has great advantages in home and business. A good Engineer looks at solution to need and exceed the needs in a viable, futuristic and functional manner. There are alternative to GB Fiber in Home and you should consider alternative that's beneficial as needed. Everything Technology has its place and should be considered to save and be efficient.


Rack SolutionsCable management, security and conformity should be of utmost priority. Cabling is a professional studied carrier and productivity comes with planning


Ethernet UTP STP CablesIts not over for Ethernet. Ethernet is alive and well on speed with fiber optic bandwidth. Each situation is different and must be planned accordingly

Cabling to Standards

Non-IT Personnel's are not aware of the importance of proper cabling techniques. They just want to be connected. As professionals, It's our jobs to be efficient and cost effective without compromising the benefits proper cabling standards.

Efficiency and Reliability

Standards consider effects of throughput and stability of connection

Redundancy and Security

Don't forget the failures, don't forget the breaches, plan accordingly

Adaptability and Flexibity

Changes will occur, how planned is your strategy to adapt, grow or add

Aesthetics and Usability

Standards not only gives aesthetics, it avoids unnecessary disturbance from other contractors.

Lets Get Started Your Project

The Future is Intelligent building wiring for IoT. New homes should be wired futuristically for adaptability. We can plan and design your project. Who better than someone who understands networks. Future building is smart network connected

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