Surveillance Camera


Rock Solid Crowd Management

We're doing our part of providing a solution with an effective crowd control tool

  • People counting for entrance and exit high occupancy area
  • Occupancy count for restrict number in an area
  • Generated reports for daily, weekly and monthly
  • Occupancy sound alert alarm triggering
  • Usage for Retails, Hospitals Education, Apartments and so much
  • Management tool for effective allocation and strategic planning

Our Core Brands Speciality

We'll access your current transition fairly and suggest cost effective and goal oriented solution


Mobotix A professional grade HD stable camera system that works 100%. We'll can guarantee 5 years warranty on any install


MilesightExtreme Analytics and Monitoring. For any situation from home to business, this corporate level, yet affordable solution guarantees control for effective management


GrandstreamThis is our entry level choice economical solution without sacrificing stability. As Grandstream Partners, we can ensure complete SIP integration with PBX/phone and Door access controls

How we help

Our Specialty is Networking, and who better to integrate than a company that knows Cabling, Network Security and the need for High Definition Result.


Not many company can integrate into a DataCentre without compromising equipment and security

Email and Calling

We'll keep you alerted and informed. We can even assist in monitoring your environment

App Integration

We can integrate into most platforms with our API development team

Smart Home

Currently only focusing OpenHab Opensource and off-the shelf complete integration

Heat Signatures

We can identify people temperature in this pandemic. It's the way forward with this already proven solution

Complete Darkness

Pitch darkness is not a problem. We've got you covered with infrared and motion sensors

License Plate

Real time detect and alert with our License Plate Recognition solutions. Smart PTZ functions is smart

Vadalize Proof

Worry free deployment should be the focus of some public or closed monitored environment